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At Tavanco, our approach lies in creating profitable real estate opportunities that drive value. Through comprehensive market analysis and insights, we’re able to produce results that work in the real world. We delve into key market data and research to help you make strategic decisions that build your portfolio. From investment consulting, management and property development to transactions and valuation, we’re here for you. 


Whether you’re just now embarking on your investment journey or are a seasoned professional, we have the tools, experience and knowledge to help you reach your goals



Before you take the plunge, you need to know you’re in familiar waters. At Tavanco, we provide real estate forecasting for the local investment market. We combine decades of industry experience, knowledge and expertise to place you at the peak for real estate opportunities both now and for the future. This is especially important for the times we’re in now, where 2020 left the very foundation of our economy shaken.

While some areas of the market have shown surprising resiliency, others have faced negative impacts on a massive scale. This makes it critical to know which sectors have not yet recovered, are completely safe for investment and where risk-taking could be beneficial as the market continues to fluctuate.

Real Estate Opportunities Vancouver

Our proficient analysts provide superior market studies based on years of industry experience.

Extensive guidance

We will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the local real estate market to ensure what you’ve got your eye on can stand up to the inevitable challenges and market fluctuations


We will assess the economic, employment, educational, and ecological health of the area you’re planning to invest in

Investment Targets

This will ensure your property matches your investment targets. We’ll provide you with bespoke advice and guidance during our collaboration together and beyond.


We will help you assess the key factors to growth by presenting you with well-formulated and informed strategies to boost your real estate opportunities. 

Real Estate Opportunities
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Sector Focused Approach


At Tavanco, we match comprehensive data to the industry your real estate opportunities lie in. With a collective effort, we turn our experience into sector-specific insights. This presents us with a nuanced, tailor-made perspective that is able to tackle far more complex challenges than the standard approach. 


Investments have become incredibly polarized by the pandemic. As global changes continue to impact the world’s economic future, Tavanco stands at the forefront of Vancouver’s investment market. As our passion for helping investors discover financial freedom remains strong as ever, we sincerely look forward to seeing you succeed.

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