6 Reliable Ways to boost your Real Estate Investment in Vancouver

Apr 15, 2021 | Real estate Investment

Real Estate Investment in Vancouver

If you want to invest in real estate investment in Vancouver, there are multiple paths you can take. Generally speaking, property investments have excellent return potential and are a smart way to invest your money rather than have it sit in your bank. It can not only diversify your investment portfolio but also offer you protection from recessions and other dangerous economic market conditions.

Let’s take a look at the 6 ways you can invest in real estate in Vancouver because there is no right answer. You have to look at the options, weigh them out, and choose the one that suits you best.

It depends on a variety of factors:

  • your budget
  • Current market conditions
  • Risk levels
  • Investment dynamics
  • Various capital requirements
  • Your loan conditions

Let’s take a look.

Buy a Rental Property

One of the simplest and most obvious ways to get involved in real estate investment is by buying an investment property. In this case, we mean a residential or commercial property that you can then rent out to tenants, so the rent you receive from them will essentially pay off your mortgage.

This becomes a passive source of income that can build you wealth while you sleep.

Greater security

  • Backup option to move back into
  • Property value appreciation
  • Flexibility to sell at the right time to make a profit
  • Investment diversification

Invest in Real Estate Stock & REITs

REITs are companies that make their income from real estate assets, this can be through their ownership, management or operation. Some of these companies are multinational and trade on stock exchanges. Investing in them could do a world of good

  • Portfolio diversification
  • Competitive market performance
  • Liquidity
  • Inflation protection
  • Dividend-based income

Buy a Vacation Property & Rent it Out

If you buy a vacation property, you can not only use it when it isn’t occupied, it can also be much easier to secure when it comes to getting a loan. A vacation rental oftentimes brings much more income per day, when compared to a regular rental property that you would purchase to rent out to long-term tenants.

  • Write off any associated expenses for taxes
  • A place to get away or a future retirement home
  • Generate extra, passive income

Rent Out Your Own Home

Do you have a basement that never gets used? While this doesn’t do much in terms of building an investment portfolio, it can definitely bring you more income. You can even rent out the entire home when you’re away, especially if you’re someone who’s away for significant parts of the year for business or otherwise.

  • Passive income
  • Ease of tax breaks
  • Deter vandalism on an empty home

Buy, Fix, Flip

You’ve probably heard of the term “flipping houses”. It refers to purchasing a home for the sole purpose of renovating it so you can get bigger returns when you finally sell it. This is a quick process and countless people around the world make good money doing it.

  • A full-time job requires time and risk
  • Personal development

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Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels