/ Investment Approach

Long-term perspective for maximum economic growth.

Tavanco is designed and built to maximize your investment opportunities in Vancouver and align you with other investors. Our investment strategy is key to our success.  It is designed to be resilient among the diverse, ever-changing market and economic conditions, as well as providing the foundation for consistent growth.

/ Strategic Investment

Market and economic conditions are consistently in flux, which requires us to invest strategically in order to maintain flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness to the current market. With this approach, we are able to achieve a harmonious balance of risk and return, while continuing to add value to enhance investment opportunities.

Comprehensive Research

We perform comprehensive research prior to any project for investment opportunities and act based on facts, thorough analysis and data in order to seamlessly adapt to the fluctuations within the economy. This helps us face problems head-on and provide reliable, informed solutions.


Long-Term Value

By viewing every investment opportunity we take on through a long-term lens, we ensure it’s able to mold to unpredictable market conditions and grow its potential for capital appreciation. Through active management and an intricately structured investment framework, we are able to produce long-term value and sustainable returns.


Corporate Transparency

It is crucial to us to provide full transparency in our business operations, financial statements and strategies through third-party auditing and open communications with our partners. This offers them peace of mind, enabling them to make confident, fact-based decisions for better investing opportunities.


Strong Teamwork

Our loyal team and the meaningful, honest relationships we form with our partners is central to our success and growth as a real estate investment company. We are committed to ensuring exceptional performance through the highest level of professionalism, mutual respect and honesty.


/ Investment Opportunities

Creating a profound impact on your investments.

We commit to and value collaboration. The opportunities at Tavanco are designed and built to maximize your investments and align you with other investors.

Limited Partnership Funds

Tavanco’s closed-ended and value-add funds that invest into assets are an effective way to procure equity capital. Experienced, well-established investors can have the peace of mind in working alongside a transparent and responsible company with a genuine alignment of interest that openly communicates all developments along the way.

Value-Add Limited Partnership Funds

Should your investments begin to exhibit issues surrounding operations or management, Tavanco will redevelop and adjust existing assets in order to maximize ROI. Our value-added strategy seeks to obtain properties with promising value-creation potential.

Income Limited Partnership Funds

Through proactive leasing and the experienced, skilled management of property and assets, Tavanco rigorously works to accurately predict and increase cashflow strategically. This is done specifically for assets that have been categorized as core holdings.

Co-Ownership Opportunities

Tavanco’s co-ownership opportunities are surrounded by acquiring properties that generate value-add and core hold income by partnering with with both individual investors and groups of investors. We use a multitude of action plans and repositioning strategies to accomplish fast growth in value-add investments. Core holdings, on the other hand, require rigorous asset management, property management, and proactive leasing to ensure precise cashflow prediction and increase.

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